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Number 99.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Quick blog, before I brave the 7:35am 250 service to The Trafford Centre (via MUFC).
The book seen above, is in fact one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It was recommended to me at a very hazy art school party after Field Day, by a rather lovely girl who at first glance looked like a fine art student, but was actually a physiology degree graduate. After half an hour of geeking out she told me to scope this, in which I returned the favour by insisting she read "59 Seconds" by Professor R Wiseman. This book has caused me to:
~never trust anyone in the media
~never trust anyone who trusts in the media
~never trust anyone who trusts in anyone who trusts in the media
~hate all science journalists
~hate all science journalists with a humanities degree
~want to study all my life, preferably in France
~publish another research paper in natural products
~throw away my multivitamin pills
~furiously advocate the MMR jab in children
~take a serious look at some people's 'credentials'
Scientists are cool. Fake scientists are not. Nutritionists make me want to kill myself.
Good read. 8/10 = (he gets a bit self-righteous at times).

A side note, Manchester is rife with uncertainty. More on that later, I need to get dressed.

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