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Number 96.

Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm really scared, but it's okay. I found a park near my house, it's no Southsea Common but it's all I need, somewhere to lay and read. My housemate Ed is a really lovely girl, I'm really lucky to have her, she's done so much for me already. I don't think I'm quite ready to see the whole place yet, I've never been overwhelmed by a city before, growing up in London will kind of do that to you. My dad says it's because I have been "spoiled" by Southsea, which is probably right.

I've unpacked 40% of my things. Making use of my brand new pinewood bed with killer mattress seemed much more important, and I bought a new duck feather quilt to 'christen' it. My building is in late stage development -- there aren't many many people living here at the moment, and the people that do seem to live here are either young professionals or uber rich kids who's parents have bought them a flat because it's just outside Manchester Met uni. Obviously that is a total generalisation and I'm being extremely judgemental. There are church bells which are too far away to be annoying, but close enough to hear and smile about.

I went to a gay bar down the road from my house with Ed and her friend Emma who works in management for the Revolution bar nearby. I didn't realise it was a gay bar until Emma told me, so I applauded the bar for its subtlety, and its £6 bottles of wine. They played La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier, the 7 min version which was so UPLIFTING. We came home at ten, a little worse for wear (but only just a little) and Ed cooked me dinner whilst we talked gameplans of life. It was fun, and it was stimulating. I got the internet working and spoke to some friends, caught up on stuff and Spotified for a bit. Got a phone call from Ed, I'm so glad he's safe and having fun, I can't believe he called me to see how I was doing in Manchester when he's just embarked on a 4 month journey to NZ and Fiji! I should be seeing if he's okay! I can't wait for him and Kealy to come home. Johnny rang me to tell me to come out at around 1am and I would have done if I hadn't just got ready for bed, but it'll be good to see him tomorrow. I rang Phil and he was getting cake and contemplating joining the Ice Hockey team. I told him I was a little scared and out of my depth, he calmed me down by telling me that everywhere is scary (which is true) and I will find my niche soon (which I hope) and to listen to Martwa Cisza by Jacaczek, (which I did) and I fell asleep, a little less worried.

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