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Number 92.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Bye Bye Ed and Kealy, enjoy NZ/AUS/Fiji, have fun skiing and at the film festivals. Come back safe!

On the job front, The company in Wimbledon offered me a job. So now I have to decide. And I have 3 days to do so! I have no idea what to do, they're both really good offers. I'll ask my mum when I ring her. She's in Nigeria at the moment, and has invited our whole family to stay at the house, all nine bedrooms are taken, party!

Sat on the common all day on Sat. Felt so ill but it was Ed's last day in Ports so efforts had to be made. The french guys we met on Thursday came down, so did the Brighton lot, and so did the Baby Sumo DJ lot, so about 30 of us took up a good spot on the common with enough carcass to feed Fratton Park (major thanks to Rosanna who stole a box of 200 chicken wings from her work - thanks Pizza Hut). Got seemingly merrier as the day went on, and everyone burnt to a crisp. Battled with the idea of going to Mike's gig for ages... I had texted Will and he said to be there for half 8, putting us on the list. At quarter past nine, I phoned Will and he said they would be playing for half an hour in fifteen mins. Spent what I thought was about 30 seconds getting dressed, got a taxi to Emmas, and another one to the Eastney Cellars. My time perception was whacked as we strolled in to catch the last 10 seconds of their last song. Such a FML. It was okay anyway cause Will wasn't plugged in and he didn't realise. Alcohol is evil.

We had a couple of pints at the cellars (to calm my autonomic nervous system) and then Mike asked if I was doing anything afterwards. So we all went to LJRs, where it just went down from there. Matt Robers (fabric/matter) was playing. The Guildford lot were out for Vicki and Emily's fake birthday. I told Snewin that Mike was a wounder and he said that he seemed nice. Which was lovely. Then he shook Mike's hand and gave me a hug. Then Niall started dancing with this girl who completely mugged him off afterwards when her best friend went home with Riley. Then Emma got cornered by this pre-pubescent looking kid called Ollie who had said he had been in love with her from the first time he saw her ... FOUR YEARS AGO. Some bearded dude asked Emma out but we cannot for the life remember his name (Riley? Am I only thinking Riley cause he looks like Riley but with more hair?). The frenchies were waiting for us at Ben Paul's house but I was too busy outside the pub having a (minor and quiet!)go at the girl who dicked off Niall , then she started crying.

Then she started CRYING.


After giving her an awkward hug I walked back with Mike and his housemates who cheered me for heroism, haha. Saw Luke and his mate who looks like Gabriel Pluckrose on the way and then went back to chill. Left to find Emma and the french dudes. Ben's housemates and Emma had all convinced one of them that the way to get a girl in England was to say "Hello. How are you? Bum me." Emma rang me and told me, so when I got there I acted along when he said it to me and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We can't wait for him to use it en action avec ta bité . As the french guys say; "What a Casio Accident!".

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