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Number 8.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Okay so,I didn't cut my hair. Made it longer in fact. Let's face it, the Guile look isn't quite fetching is it?

This weekend is going to be ridiculous. Happy Birthday Ille.

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Number 7.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Found a sick layout at last, but need to properly go through the html cause half of it is crap. Watch this space. xx

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Number 6.

Dad's all better so it's all gravy. He said that noone could believe he was 52 - they all thought he was 30. Much to his delight and my mother's annoyance. He also said that because of this, he couldnt have been treated better by the nurses even if he was on Bupa Premium, again, to my mother's annoyance. I would say he was chatting crap, but I have seen it first hand on many many occasions: 1) when I moved to Uni, proper loads of people thought my dad was my COURSEMATE and asked what halls he lived in, 2) When I boarded by flight back to Nigeria, the porter asked my dad "Where should I put your wife's bags?" talking about ME, 3) When we were walking in the park once and came across some friends of mine they thought he was my brother and he proceded to further show me up by doing a cartwheel, something i have never been able to do in my life.

Anyway, he is well, praise be to God.

I am currently on my desk at work repping the Southsea Bronx attire as it is dress-down friday, and where as some people opt to wear a funky tie, i properly dress DOWN - an outfit fit for a fresher. For lunch I had a baguette and my worst enemy - Boursín Fromage Ail et Fines Herbes. Tastes so good, but is actually the cheese version of anthrax. Tonight is Armen's birthday, and so me and the other Armenelles will be heading down to Drift tonight to celebrate 21 yr and no idea of Armen Van Donian. Today I have been looking at the blog of Beth May Hall, and it is lovely. I will see her tonight I think. I need her opinion on something.

The Doctor in Chief for Health Economics at Edinburgh University (#1 in country for health and medical related courses) has emailed me a sneak peak at the new courses that they hope to be offering in 2009. they have health care systems and health policy and if this gets the go ahead I am on it. He said that he's going for a couple of meetings this week to sort some stuff out and will hopefully have something definitive this week. This could possibly change my life if it happens. Health Economics (as boring as it may sound) is something that I have been banging on about getting into for years now. And with the possibility of funding from the company I'm working with now, my dream job (travelling, culture, saving the world, moral duty and getting over paid for it) may just be a 20,000 word dissertation away. I don't think I could ever stop studying. I'm even tempted to apply to Aberdeen to do their Diploma in Health Economics for something to do till September 2009. AND Edinburgh have said that they will try all they can to make the courses e-learning, so I don't even have to leave England. Wonderful.

On a slightly less life-changing note - im getting all my hair cut off tomorrow. Gone, scalped, kaput. it has to go, it's annoying the hell out of me. By 5pm saturday I will be fucking different. Pictures soon.

Back to work....

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Number 5.

Friday, 14 November 2008

My Dad is not well, and I'm at work. He's in hospital and I'm here. I don't really know what to do with myself. I spoke to his doctor yesterday and he tried to fob me off with the usual rubbish medical professionals give to families: "He's not too bad, he's getting better, we are still deciding what treatment to give him". I then proceded to tell him who I worked for and what I did whilst getting more and more upset. The doctor was then straight with me "He's not responding to tamsulosin, and it looks like he has an infection. We're going to give him high strength broad spectrum antibiotics, and a modified release tamsulosin prep - hopefully he'll respond a bit better."

My dad currently has one of what is illustrated above inserted. It is called a Foley catheter and it is used in the event of urinary retention: most common causes are infection (viral or bacterial) or benign/malignant prostate cancer. Causes can also be idiopathic. He is also on a drip of antibiotics (but cant tell me which one) and is finally on a different type of tamsulosin (a1 adrenoceptor antagonist - Pliva livery) and co-codamol for the pain. He hasnt passed water in 4 days. The amount of toxins in his body would be critical if not for the catheterisation.
I spoke to him today, he seems to be doing okay.
He hates the hospital food, is complaining about the phone charges in his room and is entertained by the hospitals own tv channel.
I miss my dad.

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Number 4.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

It's 8.43am in the morning and i'm currently listening to the 10 songs I have on my laptop on repeat. Some absolute stars on there though: Sinead O'Connor, Chromatics, Beirut and Animal Collective... basically enough to keep me happy until I can be assed to have a geek out and fix my computer and hard-drive. I'm hoping that i've I leave it long enough, my dad might be able to do it for me! But times are hard, this laptop has done me well for being 100 percent free. Being pin-activated means I don't get a million dicks around me thinking that they know me well enough to know my password and wearing out the tread of my keys in the process. Who ever thought of an imobilliser for a laptop is a bloody genius and I salute them. I also say thanks to Kensington Mortgage Company: I'm sorry you were one of the first to fall foul of the credit crunch come imminent financial crisis - but thanks for the laptop, server and laser printer. You lot are amaze.

This post is about to become a little more sentimental. I nearly had an entire day to myself yesterday, almost saw noone at all. Was meant to go to this party the night before and totally schoolboyed a paracetamol dose. 2x500mg + no food = seeing what shade of neon yellow your bile is these days. I haven't done anything so simply stupid for at least 12 years. I even had an exam question in Clinical Pharmacology outlining exactly what happens if you take paracetamol with no food! To be fair, that exam was one of my lowest scores. With the shit I remembered, I was lucky to pass.

Right: SENTIMENTALITY. Notice it has the word mental in it ( I wanted to get in first before anyone else did). So here is a list of people I am currently really really missing.


My best friend at uni, fact. Met him after like the second day as I kept knocking on his flat door looking for this girl Amy who I had met before hand and latched on to because I thought making friends at uni was going to be as hard as making friends at college had been. After the 5th time (that girl was never fucking in) he invited me in to watch Family Guy with his mate Phil. I had never seen Family Guy before, as I hadn't really been allowed to watch tv after 7 o'clock for 4 years. There was a lot I had missed out on apparently. And they were both quite impressed with my computer knowledge. I basically got Bill properly into electro (AND YOU KNOW I DIDDDD FRANCIS) and he got me into internet comedy: pure pwnage, lolcats, 4chan, b3ta, the lot. Then came the travelling lols! I have never met someone I see everyday and could rely on so much. We have literally been everywhere, at all hours of the night, sleeping in all kinds of positions, getting into ruckuses with all kinds of people (by the way you know that guy who shoved his mangina in your face when we went to london so i could review this band and meet steve lamacq? - I saw him in Woolworths yesterday, it was immensly uncomfortable). I love our various banter: curb banter, lengthening words banter, foals banter, geek banter, vivisection banter, facial hair banter, vernon kay and russell brand banter, and the josiemightbegay and billmightbegay but theyre really actually not but say so just for the lols banter. Even in my third year when I saw basically nothing but my textbooks and my Rota-vap (which is pretty swish actually, check it):

He was there for me. And I appreciate it. Then we got lashed when I graduated! I wish he had come to Paris. That would have been super. He is on a placement year in London this year, which is where I was meant to end up. But Novartis came knocking at my door: and apparently if they knock, you'd be a fool to not answer. I'm quite glad someone told me this, as now i'm realising as whenever I talk to anyone in the industry and say "Oh yah I work for Novartis, innit" , their faces literally hit the floor as they are stuffing their CVs into my mouth. Anyway: Bill I miss you. And Lisa- you have an awesome girlfriend who takes the best photos of me :D. I'm not sure what i'm doing next year, going to pitch this health economics thing to Novartis and see if they take me up on it, if they do and I'm still in Generics: i'll see you in Portsmouth! If they do and I have to move to the Pharma Frimley base: I'll be in Guildford. If they do and I have to do a Masters part-time: I'll be in Laanden, and if they don't, then I'll definitly be in London. We shall see. Anyhow we need to get together soon. Leamington wouldn't have been half as much fun without you, sharing one bunk about 10 inches from the ceiling, you trying to have a heart to heart with me and me having none of it, comtemplating the concept of "fat girl rodeo" when having it explained to us, oxford madness, a hot version of a certain friend of ours, having to set everyone straight "No, we are NOT going out!" , the streaker guy and getting done by the feds. Manic. I miss you bro.


Mate, you were my third year and you know it. First time I met you in the Registry there was so much banter my sides hurt. Then we found out we had a wonder kid in common: Andy Donohoe, you both did photography, we both loved dirty dirty electro. It was a match made in heaven! And you're from Guernsey as well, and practically normal except for the fact that you have blue post boxes and phone boxes, had a fit whenever you saw Pizza Hut and crapped your pants when you saw a B&Q ("there is nothing this big on the whole island, let alone one store!" . One incidence of major foals banter was when Yannis appeared on Buzzcocks and we cut and dyed your hair like his to commemorate!! Ahh that was so funny. I really miss those times. I know we've grown apart this summer so much. And it really sucks. I still have your Beirut DVD, sorry man! I've got the arcade fire opticollscope you got me on my wall. And I hope you are still loving that Joy Division multiframe I got you - I had to phone up the exhibition in Manchester to get me to send me down those prints! ha. The panoramic shot you did for your dissertation with me, Bill, Andy, Lisa and some other kids lies with a proud place on my bedroom door. And I'll never forget the time I almost killed you when you kept playing Enya's Orinoco Flow over and over, I think last count was 32, and then when I turned your computer off you got the guitar out and played the first 8 bars, OVER AND OVER AGAIN with an inane grin on your face! I'll always remember that, as that was the last time we ever had fun.


I've spelt your name wrong. I know it, haven't I? I'm sorry that when I get drunk I call you Uma Boomshackalacka. It's because I love you. I wish I could have met you properly in the first year when I had time to have proper fun because I think that we would have had bare jokes. Sorry I used this picture of you but it gives me..... bare jokes! I love the fact you didnt have a costume for Halloween so you stuck this hat on: "Right, i'm a Mexican, Mexicans are scary right?". Love it. You're the only one who understands my totally irrational love of Michael Cera, down to wanting his Horizon panoramic camera which he has here:

This person is actually fucking perfect. Okay, and Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm lock ins are only a couple of reasons I love you Uma. We had similar upbringings, except you had the older brothers I always wanted. We were ethnic, we were academically above average, we were subject to immensely pushy parents, and weve done well for it. I need to see you soon. I WILL COME TO KINGSTON (and NO NOT THE ONE IN JAMAICAAAA). Love you.

Right - time for breakfast!

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