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Number 91.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Noone took me that seriously about the complete creep who has riddled my life since the 16th of May.

Until yesterday, when he followed us to Scandals on his own. ON HIS OWN.

Almost had my first panic attack for a long long long time, when I saw him walking up to us in the queue. the bouncers were told about him as we went in and I kept darting away from his line of sight. I was so glad to be out with literally everyone, the boys were debating who should be the one to kick his face in, whilst the girls were recounting their own stalker stories. I just wanted out. He was so intimidating. Met Mike and his friend from home James in the queue, told James about what was happening, think Mike was completely oblivious, easier that way. Later on in the night Jenny had a chat with the creep dude... the "Josie's just inside with her boyfriend.. who are you?" tactic. Then Sophie came up and called him a stalker, then he came back inside, then I went outside and then he went outside, then I went back inside. Absolute nightmare - noone could literally believe what was happening. Weird. Flitted between Mike and James/Lucy and Sophie/Gary and Dan/Emma and Matthieu most of the night, then felt sick of constantly looking over my shoulder so I upped and left. Rob, Lucy and Luke kindly walked me home, and I turned off my phone. Went to bed at 4.

I was woken up at 8.00am by my agent ringing me and shouting "HAPPY HANGOVER" for the sake of nothing but that...Funny, but painful nevertheless. He's cool, I tell him everything and he gives amazing advice. It's like having a big brother who also gets you amazing interviews with stellar companies (yay Jason). Did some work in bed whilst chatting to Coco about particularly pleasing aesthetics,wounders, impulse actions (especially the one I did yesterday which was totally the most impulse thing ever, and I cant even talk about it because it was Cringefest '91), the night before, other things, and the job offer I got in Wimbledon - it's pretty good, and I hopefully get to live in New Cross with Coco, Sophie and Lauren and live the life of an Art School Wank. I only have 5 days to decide between Wimbledon and Manchester...and I haven't a clue. Met up with Lucy to go Kitsch n'Dor (fancy French resturaunt, specialise in Toulouse quisine) and they had run out of food! Wut?

So we phoned Rob and met up with him, Jim and Dan in the Fat Fox. On the way to the Fat Fox we saw creep guy come out of the coffee shop... me and Lucy's instinct was to dart it across 2 lanes of traffic. I thought "you have got to be kidding me!" . How much would it suck to be tentative of going out into your own surroundings? Sat by the skate park all afternoon in the sun, I went for a bike ride and then chilled speaking to Phil. It was nice: I might be going to read poetry with him at this young poets society initiative thing in Shoreditch. How funny, Phil is a literary genius and English was my 'no-brainer' subject! Now I have to spend all evening coming up with stuff that isn't completely foul. I might just dig out the William Blake Innocence/Experience reworks I did in college, when I made them into rants about the NME and Jonathon Ross and stuff. That'll do.

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Number 90.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Sorry I made you wait, really very sorry
didn't know I was going to take so long
nothing was planned, set in stone
it was too sunny, and I, easily distracted.
The creeper followed me back
knows where I live, bombards my phone
comes on his own, never leaves me alone
Used you to scare him off

No luck
He came back the next day, armed with nunchucks
Talking of rods and wires and blades
Shurikens, videotape and bags
What must he be thinking?
Sorry I made you wait, messages via others
Feeling sicker by the moment
He's still here, planning his next fraudulent venture
If anything happens, show this to the BBC
let them know I knew he was after me.

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Number 89.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Today, I was walking out of my front door in the town where I intern, where I live totally alone and know no one. As I'm locking the door, I see a golf ball wedged between my mat and step. Hmmm...I think, noticing that there's writing on it. I pick it up and what does it say? "You look hot when you sleep" FML

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Number 88.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Oh and,

Google (the way it should be)


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Number 87.

I listened to dEUS for the first time for about 5 and half years today.

I'm never leaving it that long again.

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Number 86.

For some reason, now I really want to go travelling! I have never expressed any wish to before, I even dispelled it. But I walked past STA travel on the weekend and saw that a round-the-world ticket was only £539. That's just over a month's rent. I could leave my house for a month and use that rent to go around the world. How amazing is that? I had never really thought of it before. My parents aren't really the travelling type, or so I thought... turns out they're planning their next trip as I speak. I had no idea they went to Barcelona not very long ago, and my Dad is planning a trip to Iceland and South Korea before his 60th birthday. I doubt i'll be going anywhere soon, I haven't got the nerve and I don't know where to go.

I have been invited on a weekend trip to Paris with Coco staying in Chris's lush flat which I might take up now I have *ahem* resources. My passport hasn't even got any stamps on it. I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise how ridiculous the idea of not seeing the world is, saying this, I doubt i'll be able to 'backpack my way down' anywhere in any shape or form, ever. The Woking boys and the Isle of Wight girls came down for a surprise Woking vs Essex vs Isle of Wight vs Oxford merking session just like it was 4 years ago, starting with drinks in Wetherspoons. Tom and Sug were telling me about their travels in the far east... not working a day in six months and getting absolutely obliterated, i suppose that's the only thing you can do if the only phrase you make an effort to learn in each country is "Three Beers Please."

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Number 85.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Interesting fact found out today...

you can now search Google Images by colour!

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Number 84.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Your new single is horrible and your video makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It is still catchy though, and you know it, so well done for playing the game. But, don't make a video where you are the main feature when you aren't comfortable infront of the camera. The constant eye-twitching and brow-furrowing made me slightly epileptic. Plus, don't act like you make any part of the music you're singing along to, get your producer in some photos as well, ugh!

EDIT: I liked your mum in The Bill though, standard.

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Number 83.

This is where I am going to be spending my May Bank Holiday - with Diplo, Fake Blood, Hannah Holland, Crookers and lots of sweaty individuals shifting weight for 8 hours, it's going to be MAD DECENT.

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Number 82.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

BEN SNEWIN IS A FUCKING HERO! I love scandals. New levels....

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Number 81.

Happy Birthday Ewan Eyre,

and a Belated Happy Birthday Nicholas Wind and Sam Webber.

I am very much up for going to Scandals and swinging my arms around after the day I have had. Lots of phonecalls, emails and threats from the Department of Health. I can't believe the words "Where do you think there might be opportunities for this strategy to liase with other functions, and what has stopped that happening in the past?" came out of my mouth this morning! This job has changed the way my blood runs. The boys came round for an Indi Threads meeting yesterday, we discussed the money we had just been donated, and the new range launch, and warehouse space and getting shops around the south coast to stock our stuff. Then we watched some bike vids, ate sweets, drank lemonade and discussed Bristol, Germany and Jordan's new girlfriend. Last count of orders, my promo design had taken the most revenue so i'm pretty haps with that, and this weekend me and Howie are going to have a little HTML do-cee-do about how we're gonna turn the site around - plus we got 10,000 flyers printed and distributed advertising the night. It's kinda cool being chased around Southsea by people yelling out "Individual Threads Girl!" then hitting me with how much they love what's going on. It's pretty cool. Been a bit behind due to formidable factors but once I sort out moving away and all that merde then we should be on track again. Vivre la vie.

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Number 80.

Henri Mancini is a genius and this is still one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard, seriously, forget the big cerise cat and listen to the composition. Stupidly epic.

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Number 79.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Doesn't take much...

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Number 78.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ten things I have been learning how to do at some point over the last year, with two ranked scores (first one for effort, second for attainment, out of ten with 1 being minimal effort and attainment and 10 being maximum effort and attainment)

1. Sewing (3,6)
2. Djing (Beat mixing) (2,2)
3. Fixie Riding (1, 4)
4. Budgeting (3, 5)
5. Driving (9, 6)
6. Skateboarding (5, 3)
7. Freehand HTML coding (5, 6)
8. Walking in High Heels (3, 1)
9. German (4, 4)
10. Writing with left hand (10, 8)

Vizzavi, from the quantitative data compiled above, I can conclude the following:

I'm lazy, and I suck. :D

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