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Number 21.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

They really dont make music like they used to:

I've now seen three american sitcoms in the space of one day which have made light of just how smooth that song is. Wonderful.

Being at home for me usually consists of going to Lakeside and mixing with undesirables and listening to my mother recite stories from the motherland. It is also about running the garage gauntlet with my brother and restoring my rightful place as top of the leaderboard in Wii Bowling. It's about putting the world to rights with my father and telling my sister what's really going on in my life. And it's also about rinsing the Sky + for mindless entertainment and savouring the produce of two amazing chefs.

This year has not been a disappointment.

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Number 20.

Monday, 22 December 2008

When I came into work today, one of the managers took me to the side and said:

"Josie, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing amazingly well for someone quite young and inexperienced. A lot of people around are quite impressed with you... keep at it. we're all very proud of you."

I was so overwhelmed (cause I thought I had been doing crap) that when I got to my desk I cried a little bit. How silly is that?

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Number 19.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Since Klick photography has gone into administration with my paris holga pics and actionsampler pics with it, i'm going to cheer myself with my favourite (due to them either being different, funny, crisp, classic, manic, clever or downright breathtaking) pictures of some people i know, whilst i try to figure out what the hell i'm meant to do about getting my (paid for!!) prints. hopefully these pics will give some inspo, as well as making me realise that film is not something to be taken lightly.






















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Number 18.

Friday, 19 December 2008

A few delightful pictures from the best xmas dinner I have ever witnessed.

I can't believe we did it!

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Number 17.

This is getting played at back home at xmas with my family. My dad is gonna love it.

I got some of my xmas presents early and opened them obviously. Some couldnt really be wrapped though!

:: Pulp Fiction DVD (yes lauren!)
:: mixing lessons and vinyl (yes ruelens!)
:: skateboard (hahaha, YES fedge!)

very happy with that haul so far, 2009 is going to be spanking! saw an old friend i hadn't seen in ages yesterday, and danced far too long for someone who had to wake up at 6 for work the next morning. BILL FRANCIS is coming back to portsmouth, and we have a leamington/coventry trip planned already. He's got a NYE gig at the fat fox so we're all heading down to that, then to havana for the all-nighter and then to the bloc for a massive two flat bloc party (old school like!). Cannot wait. Then its scrounge and save until Austria/Andorra for birthday. Mental.

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Number 16.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Benoit Heitz, Veux-tu m'épouser? Sortir avec moi? Je voudrais une bague de fiançailles, sil vous plait. Mmm.

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Number 15.


hurts like a BITCH.

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Number 14.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Okay, so this blog hasn't been that informative lately - pretty much because when life is jokes, I can't write, cause there's too many things to focus on. So I fill space with you tube videos. As you have guessed, life is jokes at the moment, even down to aquaplaning down my street to catch the bus this morning, I looked like a had an invisible Segway.

And so: this is what I used to learn French. Seriously.

Nando's tonight for dinner. Should be fun - and then the work xmas party on friday. Must restrain myself, everyday is an interview - cannot get tipsss on 2 glasses of champagne like I did yesterday.

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Number 13.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

This is what I have been watching at work. Pro. Duct. Ive.

In other news. Blur for Glasto 2009. Oh goodness!

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Number 12.

Monday, 8 December 2008

me on thursday morning 14th december 8.50am.

oh dear.

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Number 11.

This makes up for everything.

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Number 10.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

If all was fair in the world, and people knew me as well as they should, had all the money, time and effort in the world and spoiled me half as much as they know they don't, this is what i'd be getting for Christmas.


Seriously though, anyone of these please. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about them.

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Number 9.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Right. First of all, if anyone has seen the new Futurist Casio Gold LANDSCAPE watch in the Casio Store in London: that watch should be tucked up in bed with a bowl of chicken soup and a warm mug of cocoa. That's how sick it is.

Don't try looking on the internet for it. I've been trying to look for it everywhere and all I can see is the non-landscape versions. And it's getting increasingly annoying. I can't see myself going into the capital for a while though, but when I do. It's mine.

Today, whilst trying to stop the room from spinning and the de-habilitating feeling in my stomach from making me keel over in excrutiating pain I have been listening to the following tracks:

Fake Blood - Mars (unedited vers)
Busy P - Chop Suey
The Bloody Beetroots - Mac Mac
Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (original)
The Chemical Brothers - Saturate
Kid Cudi - Day N Night (Crookers edit)
Edu K - Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers edit)
SebastiAn - Motor
Uffie - In Charge (instrumental)
High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
Bobmo - Home Alone

Good thing is my heart seems to palpitate in time to most of the songs.

The events of the weekend for most people involved can be accurately illustrated by various parts of the following:

I just woke up
Everything was fucked
From the night before
I was beyond repair
I had just woke up
Everything was wrong
All the cats were dead
And the phones were gone

I had just woke up
Like a heart attack
I weren't coming back
And mum was dressed in black

I had just woke up
I had just woke up
Everything was fucked
Everything was fucked

The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation

I had just woke up
In someone elses bed
She was overweight
Who did I do last night?

I felt paradise
In between girl's thighs
It was quick and nice
The feelings cold as ice
I could hardly walk
And I had the shakes
Had to eat some fruit
Or I was gonna faint

I had just woke up
I had just woke up
Everything was fucked
Everything was fucked

The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation

I need one day a week
For my cuts to heal
Take every Monday off
With my blood shot eyes
If work only knew
What I got up to
At the weekend
They wouldn't speak to me

Or pretend to be my friends
Take every Monday off
With my blood shot eyes
With my blood shot eyes
I had just woke up
I had just woke up
Everything was fucked
Everything was fucked

The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation
The guilt won't leave my circulation

What a song. What a night. What the fuck were we thinking?!

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