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Number 93.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Good weekend, good weekend, albeit ridculously nocturnal. Goodbye Andy (enjoy Mexico) and Marie (enjoy Portugal). Everyone is dropping like flies. Beach Road party was quite fun, pictures:

mike and myself caught out on camera.

joel being hilarious as always.

ed coming back and surprising us all (but he is srsly going to NZ next week).

james definitely has the Farnbrough Sixth charm...

eve and james the host.

andy enjoying his last Southsea days.


nick and ryan bromancing.

dan "i work in television" ward and lisa.

lewis and bill dj spinnin'.

Made a couple of decisions this weekend, and I really think they are for the best! Rang round some trustworthies to get some opinions, so hopefully things will work out well but time will tell. Last week at work today. Got a flat with a trainee accountant from Deloitte in Manchester city centre, only to find out that Johnny and his sister are moving to the same building! Sheer brilliance.

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