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Number 91.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Noone took me that seriously about the complete creep who has riddled my life since the 16th of May.

Until yesterday, when he followed us to Scandals on his own. ON HIS OWN.

Almost had my first panic attack for a long long long time, when I saw him walking up to us in the queue. the bouncers were told about him as we went in and I kept darting away from his line of sight. I was so glad to be out with literally everyone, the boys were debating who should be the one to kick his face in, whilst the girls were recounting their own stalker stories. I just wanted out. He was so intimidating. Met Mike and his friend from home James in the queue, told James about what was happening, think Mike was completely oblivious, easier that way. Later on in the night Jenny had a chat with the creep dude... the "Josie's just inside with her boyfriend.. who are you?" tactic. Then Sophie came up and called him a stalker, then he came back inside, then I went outside and then he went outside, then I went back inside. Absolute nightmare - noone could literally believe what was happening. Weird. Flitted between Mike and James/Lucy and Sophie/Gary and Dan/Emma and Matthieu most of the night, then felt sick of constantly looking over my shoulder so I upped and left. Rob, Lucy and Luke kindly walked me home, and I turned off my phone. Went to bed at 4.

I was woken up at 8.00am by my agent ringing me and shouting "HAPPY HANGOVER" for the sake of nothing but that...Funny, but painful nevertheless. He's cool, I tell him everything and he gives amazing advice. It's like having a big brother who also gets you amazing interviews with stellar companies (yay Jason). Did some work in bed whilst chatting to Coco about particularly pleasing aesthetics,wounders, impulse actions (especially the one I did yesterday which was totally the most impulse thing ever, and I cant even talk about it because it was Cringefest '91), the night before, other things, and the job offer I got in Wimbledon - it's pretty good, and I hopefully get to live in New Cross with Coco, Sophie and Lauren and live the life of an Art School Wank. I only have 5 days to decide between Wimbledon and Manchester...and I haven't a clue. Met up with Lucy to go Kitsch n'Dor (fancy French resturaunt, specialise in Toulouse quisine) and they had run out of food! Wut?

So we phoned Rob and met up with him, Jim and Dan in the Fat Fox. On the way to the Fat Fox we saw creep guy come out of the coffee shop... me and Lucy's instinct was to dart it across 2 lanes of traffic. I thought "you have got to be kidding me!" . How much would it suck to be tentative of going out into your own surroundings? Sat by the skate park all afternoon in the sun, I went for a bike ride and then chilled speaking to Phil. It was nice: I might be going to read poetry with him at this young poets society initiative thing in Shoreditch. How funny, Phil is a literary genius and English was my 'no-brainer' subject! Now I have to spend all evening coming up with stuff that isn't completely foul. I might just dig out the William Blake Innocence/Experience reworks I did in college, when I made them into rants about the NME and Jonathon Ross and stuff. That'll do.

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