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Number 86.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

For some reason, now I really want to go travelling! I have never expressed any wish to before, I even dispelled it. But I walked past STA travel on the weekend and saw that a round-the-world ticket was only £539. That's just over a month's rent. I could leave my house for a month and use that rent to go around the world. How amazing is that? I had never really thought of it before. My parents aren't really the travelling type, or so I thought... turns out they're planning their next trip as I speak. I had no idea they went to Barcelona not very long ago, and my Dad is planning a trip to Iceland and South Korea before his 60th birthday. I doubt i'll be going anywhere soon, I haven't got the nerve and I don't know where to go.

I have been invited on a weekend trip to Paris with Coco staying in Chris's lush flat which I might take up now I have *ahem* resources. My passport hasn't even got any stamps on it. I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise how ridiculous the idea of not seeing the world is, saying this, I doubt i'll be able to 'backpack my way down' anywhere in any shape or form, ever. The Woking boys and the Isle of Wight girls came down for a surprise Woking vs Essex vs Isle of Wight vs Oxford merking session just like it was 4 years ago, starting with drinks in Wetherspoons. Tom and Sug were telling me about their travels in the far east... not working a day in six months and getting absolutely obliterated, i suppose that's the only thing you can do if the only phrase you make an effort to learn in each country is "Three Beers Please."

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