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Number 81.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Happy Birthday Ewan Eyre,

and a Belated Happy Birthday Nicholas Wind and Sam Webber.

I am very much up for going to Scandals and swinging my arms around after the day I have had. Lots of phonecalls, emails and threats from the Department of Health. I can't believe the words "Where do you think there might be opportunities for this strategy to liase with other functions, and what has stopped that happening in the past?" came out of my mouth this morning! This job has changed the way my blood runs. The boys came round for an Indi Threads meeting yesterday, we discussed the money we had just been donated, and the new range launch, and warehouse space and getting shops around the south coast to stock our stuff. Then we watched some bike vids, ate sweets, drank lemonade and discussed Bristol, Germany and Jordan's new girlfriend. Last count of orders, my promo design had taken the most revenue so i'm pretty haps with that, and this weekend me and Howie are going to have a little HTML do-cee-do about how we're gonna turn the site around - plus we got 10,000 flyers printed and distributed advertising the night. It's kinda cool being chased around Southsea by people yelling out "Individual Threads Girl!" then hitting me with how much they love what's going on. It's pretty cool. Been a bit behind due to formidable factors but once I sort out moving away and all that merde then we should be on track again. Vivre la vie.

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