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Number 122.

Monday, 11 January 2010

How is it 2010! I need to start this up again. Ten things.

1. It's cold
2. Knitting is quite good
3. New found admiration for Dr Marten and all his work
4. Being born in the 80s simply is not enough, but I fear that if I had been 22 in the 80s I would not have lived to see 2010
5. Christmas presents recieved were 60% hit, 30% miss 10% WTF (but 100% appreciated)
6. Ibuprofen and Codeine = match made in heaven
7. Andy Warhol probably wouldn't have been half as cool had he had any other hair colour
8. Philip Coales is going to Oxford
9. Will Wright is new editor of SuperSuper
10. Decked Out 10th anniversary is going to be out of this world.

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