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Number 114.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Imported old and sole post from Wordpress blog as i'm converting it to photos only.

Original Title: My Laptop Died. [ April 12, 2009 at 9:06 pm ]

BYE BYE TOM VEK – my beloved super slim Fujitsu Siemens laptop. You bore my dissertation, my exams, my life. and you died. Apparently your motherboard impacted. Something that would have cost more than the £700 of your worth to fix. Perhaps I didn’t take care of you enough, my Dad said that if it had been one of his delegates that had done this to his laptop – he would have sued for maltreatment and abuse of company property. A little harsh, but oh well. You were held together with tape towards the latter stages of your life, both your hinges had broken off (one from me sitting on you accidentally when you lay under my duvet, the other from me dropping you when I fell asleep watching a movie). Around the 3-E-F3 section of the keyboard you had a small delve, where I had dropped a can of Coke on you. You once had an entire can of Red Bull emptied into your keyboard, and Calpol spilled onto your screen. Bits of candy were stuck between keys and I didn't have a “H” key for a month and a half. Your finger pad was worn down, and your fan grid was cracked. Your anti shock pads were peeled off and you would shock me regularly…but that was probably not your fault because I often conduct electricity. You have been left behind in many places, but I did buy you a lovely Puma dog tooth carry bag with matching software case to wear. Many people have used you, many people have loved you. Many, many people have picked you up and said something along the lines of "TOM VEK? Where did he go eh? A Little Word In Your Ear was a top song". You were a fantastic colour and your screen width and battery power were second to none. You were PIN-ACTIVATED for goodness sake. And now I’ve lost you. You’ll die with the very TOM VEK sticker I stuck on you when I first got you. I won’t be able to afford another laptop for a long while, mainly because I’ve never paid for one before. Times are hard. You were like a little electronic toy/child/pet/boyfriend wrapped into one shiny case. TOM VEK I will miss you.

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