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Number 111.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ten things that make my workdesk a little less unbearable to sit behind for 35 hours a week.

1. A Richard Brautigan love poem (highlighted to me by Phil) stuck to my conference phone

2. A picture of green grass cut out of a Graze box (sent to me by Katie) which has all my memos affixed to it

3. A grey ribbon tied into a bow and stuck onto the handset of my desk phone

4. A laminated HEALTH - you will love each other sticker plastered on to the desk table

5. A set of four Winter Olympic themed stamps stuck to the left hand side of my screen

6. An interchangable "Today's Mood!" feature fashioned on the bottom left hand corner of my computer screen. It currently reads: "dastardly"

7. My emergency pound strictly for vanilla coffee only

8. A copy of "Your Feet. Our Science." a consumer education guide (from Andrew), and a bottle of Aloe Vera flavoured sexual lubricant (it smells like rainforest) given to me on my first day

9. A small cardboard cut out of the Pocky Strawberry saying things in Japanese that I will probably never understand

10. A small red calender containing nothing about me, but instead contains the dates of everything important happening each month to everyone I care about who isn't near

Oh BESTIVAL. I cannot wait. There is absolutely nothing that can ruin it.

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