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Number 6.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Dad's all better so it's all gravy. He said that noone could believe he was 52 - they all thought he was 30. Much to his delight and my mother's annoyance. He also said that because of this, he couldnt have been treated better by the nurses even if he was on Bupa Premium, again, to my mother's annoyance. I would say he was chatting crap, but I have seen it first hand on many many occasions: 1) when I moved to Uni, proper loads of people thought my dad was my COURSEMATE and asked what halls he lived in, 2) When I boarded by flight back to Nigeria, the porter asked my dad "Where should I put your wife's bags?" talking about ME, 3) When we were walking in the park once and came across some friends of mine they thought he was my brother and he proceded to further show me up by doing a cartwheel, something i have never been able to do in my life.

Anyway, he is well, praise be to God.

I am currently on my desk at work repping the Southsea Bronx attire as it is dress-down friday, and where as some people opt to wear a funky tie, i properly dress DOWN - an outfit fit for a fresher. For lunch I had a baguette and my worst enemy - Boursín Fromage Ail et Fines Herbes. Tastes so good, but is actually the cheese version of anthrax. Tonight is Armen's birthday, and so me and the other Armenelles will be heading down to Drift tonight to celebrate 21 yr and no idea of Armen Van Donian. Today I have been looking at the blog of Beth May Hall, and it is lovely. I will see her tonight I think. I need her opinion on something.

The Doctor in Chief for Health Economics at Edinburgh University (#1 in country for health and medical related courses) has emailed me a sneak peak at the new courses that they hope to be offering in 2009. they have health care systems and health policy and if this gets the go ahead I am on it. He said that he's going for a couple of meetings this week to sort some stuff out and will hopefully have something definitive this week. This could possibly change my life if it happens. Health Economics (as boring as it may sound) is something that I have been banging on about getting into for years now. And with the possibility of funding from the company I'm working with now, my dream job (travelling, culture, saving the world, moral duty and getting over paid for it) may just be a 20,000 word dissertation away. I don't think I could ever stop studying. I'm even tempted to apply to Aberdeen to do their Diploma in Health Economics for something to do till September 2009. AND Edinburgh have said that they will try all they can to make the courses e-learning, so I don't even have to leave England. Wonderful.

On a slightly less life-changing note - im getting all my hair cut off tomorrow. Gone, scalped, kaput. it has to go, it's annoying the hell out of me. By 5pm saturday I will be fucking different. Pictures soon.

Back to work....

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  1. Blogger s.fullwood | 25 November 2008 at 12:54 |  

    hi josie.

    i was all ready to be like

    "LOL @ UR BLOG"

    but it's actually quite a good read.

    well done.

    stop it though. all this thinking must be doing you head in.


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