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Number 69.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Beach bonfire. What a delight. Happy 23rd Rachie! It was fun, I love fire.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Ben (who was reaching new levels of tox, and was in a different world) probably perplexed at constantly being reminded to back away from the fire in case he fell into it - wanted to prove his 'soberness' by effectively somersaulting over the 3ft by 3ft burning stack of pallets. He followed through, i'll give him that, and jumped off the other side, sitting down to, again, sip his beverage. The rest off us (around 30 or so) stared in disbelief, taking comfort in the fact that everyone saw it too, and it was not a figment of our strongly transitioned mindsets. Too bad his landing was about 2 inches too short and he singed off his infamous fringe. Inadvertant wafros are something not to be dealt with lightly.

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