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Number 62.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Things are not good right now,
Things are not... good.
They are not good right now.

Yesterday I saw:

And today I will be seeing the above, PLUS:

The band just above are called the Invisible. They also played yesterday, they are a very creamy mix of Chk Chk Chk and TVOTR. I spoke to the lead singer yesterday and he told me they are Room One at Ten. I can't be late.

Seeing the amazing LA kids tonight, Nick and Leah along with Coco, Jackie, Maja, Poppy and whoever else was able to swing a press pass.

I wish I had my other nostril back already. I had a phonecall with one of my agencies, and she basically said "To go far in your career, you gotta move to Cheshire."


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