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Number 60.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

First of all, new Maccabees and new Rakes deserves an "ooooop!!".
Secondly, I did not appreciate the IN VIVO report on US follow on biologics and the Eshoo treaty, ruined my evening. It was a great effort to start writing tonight, between blowing up my laptop yesterday (i'm typing on my work one- so restricted everything and no Spotify, 4oD or MSN), and having the mother of all flus today, it's a wonder I could even be bothered at all. Today at work, I gave the lurgy to my immediate circle and a few visitors from Belgium down for a pharmacoviligance audit. They were most appreciative and that is most definitely a lie. My head felt as if someone had been Morris dancing on my superior temporals all day, and home time really could not come fast enough. Indi Threads meeting saw us choose which art was to be part of the first wave of prints. There are some amazing ones, my favourite is Lloyd Peek's Gorilla, I want it on a MASSIVE grey jumper for sure. Both Andy and Howie also have the flu so we all had some effervescent Vitamin C and spoke inbetween each others coughs and sneezes, whilst comparing the colours of our lymph nodal tissue.

The weekend is really why I came to blog though...so i'll start. Ash had planned to take me to Southampton to go shopping to make up for missing my birthday as he was breaking up with his girlfriend at the time. I got to the train station bang on 11 as planned and found that he had been there for 15 mins already, so felt a bit bad. Spur of the moment change of mind: we went to Brighton instead, which made me SO much happier than Southampton, especially as it was a picturesque sunny day.

(EDIT: It is now the next day - I fell asleep half way through writing this blog and my flu has got so much worse. Memories of the weekend are hazy, every sneeze seems to erase a memory. )

So in brief, Brighton was awesome, getting matching jackets was cute, Brad Dykes was a delight to see, Jazz bands at the Pavillion are cool, Coffee is lovely, free Coffee is better, Hoegaarden gets me ruined, free Hoegaarden gets me obliterated. Emma is lovely. Party was good. Bose sound systems are heaven, Crookers are good. Drugs are bad, found out the honest truth about a couple of 'best' mates, had a nightmare night, treated the wounded at the scene of the incident, learnt not to ever give my house keys to Bill Francis, did not throw up, woke up in a Sauna, learnt I am completely oblivious to advances made by certain people, Peep Show cures all hangovers and I am alright at Crazy Golf.

I got these in Brighton:

Glow in the Dark/Change colour from white to green to blue depending on how sunny it is/super comfortable Nike 6.0 Mogans. Not eating for a week never looked so good.

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