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Number 51.

Monday, 16 March 2009

I've gotten into the routine of only updating this personal blog when I am faced with updating the Individual Threads blog, which is bad, and is a habit I should really endeavour to release. It seems that everyone had a good weekend, and i'm glad to say that I was no exception.
Friday evening: American Gangster + Enchiladas + Molly/Andy/Sam/Karl and a lot of theory test revision.
Saturday morning: went to the seafront at 6 to watch sunrise, came back for a bit more theory test revision, took test, passed, went to Asda to get delights, came back and cooked a crown of duck, made duck sandwiches, had a picnic with numerous people, picked up a deck from sam, still need to get trucks from fedge, wheels/tape from charly and bearings from emma. played "eurocent/strongbow can" which was strangely fufilling for a game we made up by accident. watched charly and pete and michael skate for a while, invited everyone up for harry hill and more duck sandwiches. After everyone had left, phoned my newly adopted little brother Philip Coales for a chat for an hour and a half. Good kid. Then went to Harold Road after picking up emma and chris for ashley's party. Was too tired to have much fun, though it was good to see everyone, especially thom weller as i havent seen him in time, and his friend ali hunter was there who was really nice, even though the Torq's were not his friend on the night and Andy was drafted in to replace him on the decks.
Sunday morning, woke up to sunshine, sunshine, SUNSHINE. immediately opened my phone to a text from bill. watched skins (bad episode) and got showered. walked the scenic seafront route past loads of tourists to bill's house. went charity shopping/ vintage store shopping, picked up a mens knitted waistcoat (a la kele bloc party) for 2.99. then went to ash's for a barbeque which was the most fun - ash is a good host. Stayed for a while, and for a while, i mean - forever. almost forgot about work this morning. should have stopped drinking earlier... highlights - phil showing us his 8 stitches that he had acquired from practicing for the biking nationals, bill's rendition of louis armstrongs "what a wonderful world" - the nike shoe dance, mine and bill's economy burgers shrinking down to the size of a pound coin and sending everyone else's reasonably high quality homemade burgers into a swirling pool of flames and hot fat - mike's take on the "visit california" advert - tom alex and tom humpris vs mike phillips and charly potter in a bladers vs skaters merk-off - dizzee rascal - "Gefilte fish??" - molly opening beer bottles with her teeth - me and my 'amazing' ability to down wine - mike drinking wine spritzer out of a measuring jug and trying to make it manly - phil and bill looking at facebook on their iphone to see whether hot girls they knew from school were still hot - first year at uni fail stories and trip planning for the next two months. I'm going everywhere!

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