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Number 50.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I have never been so tired. Yet unable to sleep. Work is getting extremely busy as it is the peak period for audits and getting sued. I've got a stack full of papers the size of a small house to work through, and idon'twanna. Individual Threads is going well too, which means that: 6am - 7pm is taken up by work and commuting, 7pm - 11pm is taken up by Indi Threads, 11pm-1am is taken up by eating, cleaning and bathing and 1am - 6am is taken up by sitting in my bed thinking "FUCK, WHY AM I NOT ASLEEP."

Have been entertained today by reading people's beef with their exes on Urban Dictionary and also:

drunk girl: can you play ‘pop bottles’ by lil wayne…like right now?
seb: (15 sec into song I just started) yeah sure…after this song.

(drunk girl moves to the side of the stage. I start to play ‘pop bottles’. when the song ends she comes back)

drunk girl: you said you’d play ‘pop bottles’!!!!
seb: umm..but I just did…
drunk girl: well I wasn’t listening…play it again!
seb: no

with other delights found HERE: if you're a dj or know dj's you'll love it.

Molly, Sam and Andy over for a roast on Sunday as they have cooked me dinner three times and I have done nothing but eat it. Was going to have Emma and Dan over for American Psycho times but need to revise for theory test.

Lomography Workshop at London Southbank this Saturday. Tempted to bust up there.

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