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Number 42.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Dear Josie,

Stop saying the Lord's name in vain.
3 litre bottles of Sprite are false economy.
You are too poor for French gourmet food. Stop making/eating it.
Your addiction to Harry Potter is unhealthy.
Don't add "xxx" to your messages excessively.
Don't type "lol" when you have not actually laughed out loud.
Your phone is made of gold. Stop chucking it about.
Water your yucca plant, Hermano, he's dying, and is now taller than you.
You are not to purchase anymore of the following: berets, pinstriped shirts, band tees or leather bags.
No more kalms tablets. They make you loopy.
Pay your bills on time.
Think about where you want to live in 4 months, and then tell your work. They've been waiting since Christmas.
Stop worrying about things you have no control over.


Your better self.

P.S. You're let off on the Surkin spaff though, his shit is legit

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