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Number 23.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Facebook makes everyone paranoid, neurotic, shivering messes. it ruins friendships, places strain on relationships and destroys bonds. it makes you see things that arent there, especially when you cant see that they arent there. Facebook escalates the severity/importance of things you CAN see. Facebook makes you think the worst and fear even more. It makes people look/sound/feel better than they are, and look worse than they act. it shows people in the coldest light possible. it can destroy the very idea of the ones you care about the most, and in the worst cases, it can destroy your idea of yourself. Facebook changes the way people act towards eachother. Facebook can breed contempt. it brings into the domain of life things that wouldnt feature for shit usually. Facebook warps people's sense of time perception. minutes can feel like years and 5 years can feel like yesterday. Facebook is a breeding ground for undesirables. Facebook can ruin people. Facebook can ruin lives. Facebook can ruin you and me. Facebook can kill. Facebook HAS killed. Facebook will kill again.

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  1. Blogger H ♥ | 4 January 2009 at 15:28 |  

    Tru dat.

    (Hope you're alreet Jose)

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